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A Lawson prequel (FREE!)

In this short prequel to THE AWFUL MESS: A LOVE STORY, a woman discovers her husband has found a way to finally have a child that doesn’t involve her.

A small town cop faces one of the more unpleasant duties that comes with the job … as well as the difficulty of finding a wife in a very nosy little town.

An Episcopal priest in an unhappy marriage struggles to feel thankful to God for all that he has, even if it includes another one of those awful pies from Bertha. 

What will these three lonely people make of Christmas? Find out FREE!

Cover of THE UTTER CATASTROPHE by Sandra HutchisonThe third Lawson novel

Can love overcome opioid addiction?

Winslow Jennings’s young cousin Megan returns from college in California to discover that all is not well with family and friends. The opioid crisis has arrived in Lawson, where Winslow Jennings is the beleaguered new chief of police and fatal overdoses occur horrifyingly close to home. When Megan starts caring for the daughters of an old high school old crush whose wife overdosed, she’ll soon face the agonizing question: How stupid would she have to be to fall in love with a heroin addict?

“memorable characters and a story that grips the reader and doesn’t let go.” 
Amazon reviewer

Cover of The Complete Disaster (Lawson, Book Two) by Sandra HutchisonThe second Lawson novel

A refugee family brings new tensions to town.

The Jennings family copes with secondary infertility, an uncomfortable secret, and a tragic police shooting.

“It was an absolute pleasure and delight to be back in the town of Lawson again and to revisit these characters that I have grown to love and appreciate.”
Amazon reviewer


Cover of the book DISORGANIZE MEWho belongs here, really?

“A nuanced, warm, and necessary read, especially now. I couldn’t put it down.”
Barbara Bos, Managing Editor @womenwriters

“Kathy and Diego aren’t just characters in a book – they leap right off the pages and into your heart. I smiled as I read this, because it was told with such humor and warmth.”
Amazon reviewer

“…Hutchison weaves real-world issues into this contemporary novel with nuance and care…”
Jennifer Klepper, author of UNBROKEN THREADS

What if the only way to find home is to leave it?

“Dori is a fabulous, sympathetic character, caught up in a rollicking, funny, original, beautifully-written journey.”
Lucia Nevai, author of SALVATION

“Once again, Sandra Hutchison expertly weaves enticing characters with captivating imagery, creating a story so engrossing it’s impossible to put down and even harder to forget.”
S.M. Freedman, author of THE FAITHFUL


She’s sixteen. He’s twice that. That’s a problem.

“It’s a gutsy, beautiful book.”
Tim Farrington, author of THE MONK DOWNSTAIRS

“…a beautifully crafted book about loss and grief, marriage and family, sex and evil and the resiliency of the human spirit.”
Jillian Coleman Wheeler at

“…entertaining all readers while providing grist for the mill to those who are looking for something deeper.”
BigAl of BigAl and Pals


cover of THE AWFUL MESS by Sandra HutchisonA divorcee, a priest, and a cop walk into a big mess in a very small town.

The first Lawson novel (and one of five general fiction semifinalists for the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award)

Also available in audio from Tantor Media.

“It puts me in mind of Jane Austen, the moral mathematics here… It renews me as a reader, to enjoy a book so much; and as a writer, see it done so well.” Tim Farrington, author of THE MONK DOWNSTAIRS


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