The Ribs and Thigh Bones of Desire

“It’s a gutsy, beautiful book.”
— Tim Farrington, author of The Monk Downstairs

“Hutchison’s second book delivers the same slap in the head power as her first”
— Amazon reviewer

It’s 1977 in a small Western Massachusetts town. Physics professor David Asken has just lost his young family in a plane crash he somehow survived. Sixteen-year-old neighbor Molly Carmichael used to be the babysitter, but now will be keeping house for him while he recuperates. He’s quietly planning to end his life just as soon as he can drive again. She’s trying to cope with her notorious artist mother as well as more typical challenges of adolescence. Both man and girl are going to have to grow up the hard way, and it’s their unexpected connection — fraught with potential scandal — that may just help them do it. THE RIBS AND THIGH BONES OF DESIRE asks the question: Is there ever a time when doing the wrong thing might be exactly right?

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Readers' Choice nomineeThe Ribs and Thigh Bones of Desire


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