Disorganize Me

Cover of Disorganize Me

She likes to put things where they belong. What happens if the government says he doesn’t belong?

Professional organizer Kathy dreams of a serene, tidy world in which everything has a place and stays there. Diego dreams of a woman who will love him despite his significant baggage. Close quarters spark romance, but when they find out he’s not who he thought he was, they’ll face terrible decisions about how much they’re willing to give up to try to stay together. Set in 2010, this is a timely, humorous, and occasionally harrowing novel about who gets to enjoy the American Dream.


“With compassion, warmth, and a clear eye for what matters, Hutchison shows us how messy love can be and, ultimately, how worth the trouble it really is.” – Margo Catts, author of “Among the Lesser Gods” (Arcade, 2017)

“A nuanced, warm, and necessary read, especially now. I couldn’t put it down.” – Barbara Bos, Managing Editor @womenwriters

“…Hutchison weaves real-world issues into this contemporary novel with nuance and care and without overpowering the central story of two young people figuring out how they fit into society, their own families, and each other’s lives.”  – Jennifer Klepper, author of “Unbroken Threads” (Red Adept, 2018)



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