The Short, Spectacular Indie-Publishing Career of Matilda Walter

MatildachicklitfinalIn this story, Walter Mitty is not Thurber’s comically  downtrodden, fantasizing husband. He’s a she, and desperately wants to be a rich and famous indie romance writer instead of a downtrodden direct mail list clerk.

Unfortunately, Wally likes to fantasize about various romantic plot points and her own imminent success more than she likes to actually park her butt in a chair and write. Luckily, her colleague Jonathan is eager to help.

Neither has a clue just how hard it can be to succeed as an indie author, of course … but don’t count them out yet!

Okay, fine, but how do I READ it?

The link below takes you to a PDF best read online, although you should be able to print it out. (I would test out one page first to make sure.) Just click on it to read it, or right-click to save it to your computer.

PDF of “The Short, Spectacular Indie-Publishing Career of Matilda Walter” by Sandra Hutchison

If you like it, would you let me know? (Heck, if you didn’t, you can let me know that, too.)


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