And my top two reasons to indie-publish are…

#2. Low expectations

Anything I get from this enterprise feels like gravy. I don’t have to invest many thousands in this, or feel like a great big public failure if my writing brings me less than twenty bucks a month. Anything I get is something I might not have had otherwise. I can wait years for sales to grow (or not). In the meantime, see #10. So hoorah!

But the very best reason to do this right now is…

#1. I’m having more trouble finding my car in parking lots.

There comes a time when you realize maybe you’d better start crossing things off your list if you really want to get them accomplished.

I’ve been pretty absent-minded all my life, so losing my car doesn’t actually worry me as much as it should, but it does remind me that I’m not getting any younger.

Indie publishing allows me to seize the day while there’s still some daylight out there.