September is Hunger Action Month!

And to help raise funds, I’ve reduced the price of the book to 99 cents, the lowest I can go for now. I’ve supported it with some advertising (at least some of which I was able to update to my new situation). Hopefully this will spark some sales this month, because I’ll be giving all my book profits for September to FEEDING AMERICA via this virtual campaign page:

I’ll also give 10% from then on. I’ll report on the results when I have them (I’ll have a sales report at the end of the month, with the actual payment two months beyond that.) You’re free to pitch in if you’d like, by the way. But what I’d love is for you to share news about the book and the campaign this month to anyone you think might be interested.

If B&N takes the PG-13 version of the book down before I get into further trouble with a certain online empire, I may try to throw in a few of the free days I’d planned. Unfortunately I can’t promise anything on that yet. (I’m sure learning from my stupid newbie mistakes, though. More about that next week.)

You don’t have to buy or read the book at all to help raise funds or awareness of food insecurity this month. You can simply visit Feeding America’s Facebook Hunger Action Month Facebook page here: Give them some likes, or share their news directly.

Personally, I’m more than provided for when it comes to food: Check out yesterday’s  harvest from my garden!


And thank you also for all your support in what has been a rather trying week!