FREE AT LAST Sept. 4-5-6!

For Sept. 4-5-6, at least, The Awful Mess: A Love Story is FREE at Amazon. I’ve managed to get back into the clear with them, knock wood.

After that it’s back to 99 cents for September and all earnings for the month to Feeding America.

My husband had the logical question this morning: “How does making it free raise any money for Feeding America?”

The answer: If it has enough downloads while it’s free, it will show up in searches and rankings afterwards, when people might be willing to pay for it.

So even if you don’t plan to read the Kindle version (or any version), you might want to download it and/or share the news. It’s all about visibility and then hoping enough people like it that it goes viral. That’s really the only way this game works for a debut novel when you’re indie.

So please, share the news if you’re at all comfortable doing that.

I’ll update you about how we did when the month is over. You can also keep track at my virtual campaign page for Feeding America.


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