Kindle Countdown Deal!

I should probably let you folks know the ebook is on sale for 99 cents through April 6 and $1.99 April 7-10. And 99p that whole stretch in the UK. (Apparently Amazon UK doesn’t believe in increments.)

Thankfully, this time I knew to set up the deal in the UK. Last time I only thought I had, and it didn’t happen.

Share the news with friends who might like it, please! I didn’t invest in any heavy-duty advertising. I decided to reserve that opportunity for when I hit the other retailers, which I hope to do next month.

Hopefully I’ll have the next book ready to go not too long after that. But since I’m selling and buying a house right now, “not too long” may mean the fall. I guess this is when I find out just how efficient I am as a separated lady.

TheAwfulMess_Ebook 200 x 309


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