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Cover of Disorganize Me

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Short description

She’s a young professional organizer. He’s her occasional employee. They overcome differences in class and culture to fall in love, only to discover when ICE knocks on the door that he’s not the American citizen he always thought he was.

Medium description

Disorganize Me dramatizes the plight of “dreamers” with its tale of young love up against American immigration policy. Kathy’s a professional organizer who prefers everything to be kept in its place. Diego’s left behind a troubled past in the city in hope of a fresh start in the Capital Region, but he hasn’t left behind his pride in his Puerto Rican heritage.

When an injury forces them into close quarters, love blossoms, but what happens if it turns out he’s not the Puerto Rican — and thus, American citizen — he always thought he was? When ICE knocks at the door, how much is each of them willing to give up to try to stay together?

Press releases / blurbs

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“With compassion, warmth, and a clear eye for what matters, Hutchison shows us how messy love can be and, ultimately, how worth the trouble it really is.” – Margo Catts, author of “Among the Lesser Gods” (Arcade, 2017)

“A nuanced, warm, and necessary read, especially now. I couldn’t put it down.” – Barbara Bos, Managing Editor @womenwriters

“…Hutchison weaves real-world issues into this contemporary novel with nuance and care and without overpowering the central story of two young people figuring out how they fit into society, their own families, and each other’s lives.”  – Jennifer Klepper, author of “Unbroken Threads” (Red Adept, 2018)


“A deftly crafted and consistently compelling read from cover to cover, ‘Bardwell’s Folly: A Love Story’ is an extraordinary novel that underscores author Sandra Hutchison’s genuine flair for originality and storytelling.” – Midwest Book Review Small Press Watch, April 2017

“It puts me in mind of Jane Austen, the moral mathematics here…. It renews me as a reader, to enjoy a book so much; and as a writer, see it done so well.”  – Tim Farrington, author of “The Monk Downstairs” and other novels (HarperCollins) (writing about “The Awful Mess”)

“Sandra Hutchison writes beautifully transparent and unpretentious prose. She creates complex characters and a vivid sense of place. Most of all, she tells a compelling story full of sorrow and humor with a benign detachment that leaves room for readers to draw their own conclusions. In other words, she’s a first-rate writer.” – Mary Maddox, Awesome Indies (writing about “The Ribs and Thigh Bones of Desire”)