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  3. I’ll catch you up on freebies you might have missed. For example, a recent newsletter included a download link to HUSSY HOSTS COFFEE HOUR, a sequel short story to THE AWFUL MESS.
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The blog is going to post once a month on the first Tuesday. The newsletter is twice a month on the second and fourth Tuesdays. Granted, Tuesdays aren’t Mondays, but can’t they be improved by a little something that’s not the least bit work-related for you?

Okay, that’s all I’ve got, except to suggest that if you do subscribe, you might want to add my email address to your contacts or star the email or something so it doesn’t end up in spam or the promotion folder. (Or maybe nothing works, because I even get my own copy in the promotions folder AND IT’S COMING FROM ME.)

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This is a short one, because I need to go do some work in the garden before it rains yet again. Happy Spring!