If life hands you spam, make spam-ade

Found Poetry Constructed from Spam Comments on my Blog

Seriously a few moments.
Plenty of adventures
Are usually now being formed.
Your daughter’s virginity disappear.
Meals left out during the open
Can turn out to be the ideal nesting internet site
For spring pests.
Until you have young, get a secure broken relationship.
Chance to go somewhere for you was really very much required
To get these adolescent girls who’ve got a great deal of likely,
Wouldn’t have the infant
In an exceedingly Denver habitation.
Sizzling out of this scenario is the two of us.
To have initiative —
Also trust around the would-be with this marriage.
Just pay for the music.
Possess a moment.


The English is better in this book, which was one of five general fiction semifinalists for the 2014 (and apparently last) Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award:

Cover for The Awful Mess: A Love Story